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Terms & Conditions

1. The Consignor is required to clearly declare the goods being handed over to the company for cargo and get it indicated in the cargo booking slip.

2. The Consignor is liable to provide complete information about the consignee's name (cargo should be booked in the name of an adult person holding ID Card / Driving License / Passport or Company) and contact number. Company shall not be responsible for mishandling of the cargo due to wrong or inadequate information provided by the Consignor.

3. The consignor is requested to read the booking slip after booking of his/her consignments carefully for details.

4. The consignor is requested to inform the consignee about the consignment # and it's receiving time after the booking of the consignment.

5. The Consignor should also provide the packing list of the cargo at the time of booking the consignment.

6. The goods should be packed properly. Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused due to inadequate packing.

7. The articles / goods / envelope, parcels may be opened in the presence of the Consignor as a precautionary measure.

8. Any tax, if payable will be paid by the consignor separately as per rate fixed by the Government.

9. Cargo Service is not available for cash, jewelry, chemicals, liquor, liquid, paste, inflammables, explosives, gas cylinders (even empty).

10. Company shall not be responsible for any damage / loss to any of the goods (as mentioned at Sr. #9 above) if somebody booked those goods without declaring it.

11. Cargo tariff will be settled on the spot regarding bulky consignments having lesser weight.

12. The company shall not be responsible for the goods not received by the consignee within three full days.

13. The company shall not be liable for the goods not delivered in time due to any problem during journey.

14. The goods shall be transported from company's setup to setup only.

15. The company is not liable for leakage, shortage, breakage and spoilage by sun, rain water and weather.

16. The company will send the goods at the earliest possible opportunity in one lot or in part according to its convenience.

17. The company does not take any responsibility for loss or damage in transit due to accident en route or floods etc.

18. The company shall not be responsible for any damage to any perishable item due to inevitable delay.

19. The Consignor must furnish such information and documents to the company as are necessary to meet the requirement of custom or police before the cargo can be delivered to the consignee. The Consignor is liable to the company for any damage occurring due to the absence, insufficiency or irregularity of any such information or documents.

20. The Consignor is responsible for the correctness of the particulars and statements relating to the Cargo, in the consignment note.

21. Passports, I.D. Cards, Air-Tickets etc. are booked at the Consignor's risk and company will not be responsible for any loss in this regard.

22. The company is not liable for any damage directly or indirectly arising out of compliance with laws, government regulations / order or requirements or for any reason beyond company's control.

23. Extra tariff will be charged for consignments booked for / from shuttle service point / cargo collection points.

24. The consignee is required to produce valid identification, e.g. National Identity Cards, Driving License or Passport for receiving the goods. Authority letter shall be provided by the recipient if the consignment is booked in the name of a company etc. Visiting card is not acceptable in lieu of authority letter / personal identification. No consignment shall be handed over without sufficient identification.

25. In case the consignee receives the consignment after 3-days of its arrival, demurrage @ 10% of cargo charges of that consignment per day of delay shall be charged by the Terminal Manager / Cargo In-charge.

26. If the cargo consignment (or a part thereof) is lost due to negligence / mistake of the company, Consignor shall be compensated in terms of weight (Rs. 250/- per Kg for electronics, Rs. 20 per Kg for eatables (Fruit / Vegetables etc) while Rs. 100/- per Kg for all other types of cargo) and not in terms of value of the lost portion of the consignment. There will be no compensation for the value of mail or documents etc. and these will be treated as goods as per their weight.

Head Office: 231-A Ferozepur Road Lahore 54000 Pakistan
UAN: 111-007-008