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We welcome you to Daewoo Miles Rewards Program - a program designed to facilitate and reward our valued passengers through a loyalty scheme. Whenever you travel on Daewoo Pakistan Express buses, you will add up "Daewoo Miles" which can then be redeemed / exchanged for free travel once sufficient Miles have accrued,

Terms & Conditions

The Daewoo Miles Rewards Program shall be governed by the following terms & conditions and these will be applicable to all members of the program:

  1. Duly filled out application forms along with CNIC copy will have to be submitted to a designated ticketing counter at any Daewoo terminal along with cash payment of Rs.500/-. The payment of Rs.500/- shall be credited to in the name of the applicant and converted into 500 points.
  2. The application form shall have a tear-off slip at the bottom. Upon submission of form and Rs.500/- payment, applicant shall be handed over the tear-of slip as a receipt oi payment, the tear-off slip shall bear the membership number of the applicant and also receipt of payment, this tear-off slip (receipt) shall serve as the "temporary membership" of the applicant till he/she receives the "Daewoo Miles Card" issued by Daewoo Express.
  3. Upon receipt of the application form, Daewoo shall carry out the necessary processing of the form. Daewoo Miles Card shall be sent to the applicant at his/her chosen mailing address within 21 working days from the date of application.
  4. Once the card is issued to a member. An online member account shall be opened and member will be able to access his/her account on Daewoo website www The Daewoo Miles card holder will need to access Daewoo website and go to "Daewoo Miles". Thereafter, he/she will need to click on Daewoo Miles Login and go to "New User ID". Here details like name, date of birth and CNIC shall be required and once provided. The system will automatically generate a "user name and password" for the Daewoo Miles card holder. Through the online account, a member will be able to view his/her trips details. Number of miles (points) accumulated and other relevant information, Security at the PIN shall be the responsibility of the Daewoo Miles member to avoid misuse of the account.
  5. Daewoo Miles members shall have the exclusive privilege of reserving Daewoo tickets online.
  6. Depending on the frequency of travel and the number of miles accumulated, a member may be upgraded from Basic card to silver card and from Silver card to Gold card.
  7. Daewoo Miles are credited from the time at enrollment in Daewoo Miles Rewards program and onwards, Daewoo Miles are reward points which will be accrued to the account of the member whose name is on the ticket, regardless of whoever pays for the travel.
  8. For a Daewoo Miles card holder (member), each travel on Daewoo Express Bus Service shall yield a specific number of reward points called "Daewoo Miles" as defined by "Daewoo Miles Table", Each reward point (i.e., Daewoo Mile) accrued to the account of the member is equivalent to One Rupee.
  9. To record Daewoo Miles into the account, the member must show his/her Daewoo Miles card along with a photo-ID (CNIC, driver’s license, passport) to the ticketing agent while purchasing Daewoo ticket.
  10. Each Daewoo Miles member number is issued to one specific individual and is linked to one single CNIC number. Daewoo does not allow friends, family members or corporate colleagues to share an account. Each member is allowed to obtain one account only and duplicate accounts will be cancelled. Daewoo Miles are non-transferable, and in the event of invalidity or death of a member the accrued miles shall not be transferred to any other member, successor, or beneficiary.
  11. Daewoo Miles can only be recorded only ONCE per terminal per day (24 hours). For example A passenger travels in the morning from Lahore to Rawalpindi; returns from Rawalpindi to Lahore in afternoon; and then travels again from Lahore to Faisalabad. In this case, Daewoo Miles will be recorded for his/her journeys from Lahore-Rawalpindi and Rawalpindi-Lahore. While Lahore-Faisalabad journey will not be recorded since Daewoo Miles can be recorded for only ONE journey per terminal per day (24 hours).
  12. Daewoo Miles will accrue ONLY on purchased tickets. No Daewoo Miles will be counted/accrued for travels made on reward/redeemed points.
  13. Daewoo Miles (points) accrued from a journey are valid for 2 years during which they have to be redeemed/ utilized. Un-utilized Daewoo Miles (Points) shall expire after 2 years.
  14. Complimentary or rebated tickets issued to Daewoo employees. Strategic partners, vendors, suppliers, service providers are not eligible for points accrual under the Daewoo Miles Rewards Program.
  15. Daewoo Miles are not awarded for travel on fares subject to special promotions and/or other discounts.
  16. Daewoo Miles (points) shall be awarded only to member/cardholder who travels, irrespective of who pays for the ticket.
  17. Daewoo Miles (points) cannot be transferred, combined or exchanged under any circumstances.
  18. Once sufficient Daewoo Miles are accrued in a member's account equivalent to the price at any journey's ticket, he/she can redeem (utilize) the Daewoo Miles to get a free ticket for that journey as a "Reward". For example. if a member has 1,000 Daewoo Miles in the account, then he/she can get any reward ticket free of cost within Rs.1,000/—.

Redemption of Daewoo Miles:

  1. Procedure: Redemption of Daewoo Miles (i.e., Utilization of accumulated points) procedure is as follows:
    1. Daewoo Miles Redemption Request Form (available at Daewoo terminals/sub terminals and also downloadable from Daewoo website) to be filled out and signed.
    2. Submit the Redemption Request Form. Duly filled out at any Daewoo terminal maximum 4 days before the date & time of departure or minimum 30 minutes before departure time of the bus.
    3. Daewoo Miles member will need to bring his/her Daewoo Miles card along with a photo-ID (CNIC. driver's license, passport) to the ticketing counter and request for ticket of a specific route through redemption of points.
    4. The ticket agent will check the account status of the member and if sufficient miles (points) are available for the journey requested, and seat is available on the requested bus, then reward ticket will be issued free of cost and requisite points will be deducted from the account of the member.
  2. Utilization of Daewoo Miles with partial payment is not permitted. For example, if a person has 1,000 Daewoo Miles in the account, it will not be possible to get a ticket worth more than Rs.1, 000 by using 1,000 Daewoo Miles and cash payment of the balance amount.
  3. Daewoo Miles (points) can be used to "gift" a ticket to family or friend. Normal redemption procedure shall be applicable. The only difference would be that the ticket will be issued in the name the nominated person.
  4. Reward ticket issued by Daewoo is subject to imposition of tax if applicable. In case of any tax or statutory duty/surcharge levied by the Government, Federal, Provincial or Local, the same shall be the sole responsibility of the Daewoo Miles Card member. If such tax is levied by the Government, then the reward ticket will be issued to the member free at cost, but the tax amount shall be payable by the member claiming reward ticket.
  5. In case of cancellation of a "reward ticket" issued by Daewoo to a member against redemption of Daewoo Miles (points), 30% points will be deducted and the remaining points shall be credited back to the Daewoo Miles cardholder‘s account. For example. A member redeems/utilizes 1.000 Daewoo Miles (points) and gets a "reward ticket". In case he/she cancels that "reward ticket" for any reason whatsoever. Then 300 points shall be deducted and the remaining 700 points shall be credited back into the Daewoo Miles account of the member.
  6. A reward ticket claimed by a member must not be sold to anyone. Any case of misuse, misappropriation or fraud pertaining to reward ticket shall remain subject to appropriate judicial procedures. Daewoo reserves the right to cancel the membership and all earned Daewoo Miles will be forfeited.
  7. Daewoo reserves the right to withdraw Miles Rewards membership and forfeit Daewoo Miles (points) if anyone violates specified terms and conditions of the Daewoo Miles Reward program.
  8. Membership of the Daewoo Miles Rewards program is subject to applicable laws of the Islamic Republic at Pakistan.
  9. Daewoo Miles CARD shall be remain valid for a period of 5 years from the month of issuance.
  10. The Miles Daewoo Miles card shall remain the property of Daewoo Pakistan Express, and must be surrendered upon demand by the Daewoo.
  11. In case of change of mailing address. Daewoo Miles cardholder must inform Daewoo Express immediately by emailing to:, Email must be sent from the same email address as mentioned on the application form. Alternatively, mailing address can also be changed by accessing the online account and editing the "Profile".
  12. Personal details can be changed by accessing the online account and editing the "Profile". However. Certain key details like Name, Gender, CNIC number. And Date of Birth cannot be changed. If at all such a change is to be made due to some mistake at either end, then the same can be done by visiting sending an email along with scanned copy at relevant proof or visiting Daewoo terminal ticketing counter and submitting application along with photocopy of relevant proof. Daewoo Express Head Office shall make the requisite changes within 5-7 days of receipt of such request.
  13. In case of loss, theft or damage of Daewoo Miles Card, member must inform Daewoo Express immediately through phone (UAN: 111-007-006 and UAN: 03311-007-008) or emailing at: An amount of Rs.500/- shall be charged as "Card Replacement Charges". Payment can be made at any Daewoo ticketing counter. Alternatively, if a Daewoo Miles cardholder has sufficient Daewoo Miles (Points) in his/her account, then request for replacement card can be made by emailing at, In this case, Daewoo shall deduct 500 Daewoo Miles (points) from the account at the cardholder and send the card to the address of the cardholder, Replacement card will be sent to the address of the cardholder with 21 working days.
  14. Daewoo Pakistan Express reserves the right to add, amend, revise, suspend or cancel any of the terms and conditions mentioned in this document at any time with or with prior notice.

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